Leading branding, interactive and visual design. Focussed on applying HCD approaches.
Digital Creative Director, Designer, Brand consultant.
I provide design leadership across branding, strategy, UX, and visual design. I also facilitate design thinking workshops to support cross-functional team collaboration.
Previous Work
This year has been busy! Building up the UX team methods and processes, and running culture and design thinking workshops with the business teams.
The Prosperous Shop
Working with a truly remote team this year through branding, UX/visual design and front-end development. I'm excited as The Prosperous Shop is so close to launch.
Nkoda are secretly busy working on their new product. From UX and design we built an engaging walk-through video demo to present to investors and drive interest.
Creative Direction
Helping you develop your ideas, branding and concept generation. I worked with many agencies and individuals crafting their brand identities, building digital campaigns, assisting with copy and photography.
Design thinking workshops
I can facilitate design thinking related workshops based on idea generation, concept development, prototyping and testing, and culture and collaboration. The focus is on alignment and communication among multi-disciplinary teams. We can create a workshop to meet the specific needs or problem or brief.
Product strategy
I assist with developing creative strategies for new products and services. How you are going to launch, scale and grow.
Design & UX
I provide leadership from start to finish on projects, focussing on user-centric approaches and process, motivating and supporting teams, high quality output and efficiency. Confident in problem solving, and delivering exceptional ideas and output.
I've work with agencies and direct clients, developing their brand identity and branding. Using branding tools and templates in workshops to identity their 'WHY', through to visual design.
Managing Teams

I lead teams in terms of creative thinking, creative confidence, and self-managing mindsets. Looking after younger members and developing their skills, and teaching seniors how to be effective and drive projects to exceptional outcomes.
Design vs The Business

I work hard to develop a design culture and mindset across all parts of the business. Through workshops and tools we can develop and reshape and rethink how we work together. Breaking down siloes and command and control strategy, to be a more engaged and innovative culture.
Focus on Output

Putting together the right team and developing a culture of high trust and character, we change the dynamic of how we work where the focus is on output, and people are self-driven and highly motivated towards a common goal.
Play is Work

In all work we do, it's important to enjoy it. We are doing our best work when we are most passionate and free in what we do. Play is work.
" will build you the prototype you need to get your prospective partners, clients and customers interested and engaged. They live in and understand the constraints of the early stage start-up and use them to build beautiful and memorable products."
Lorenzo Brewer
"Beautiful work, technical expertise, strong commitment to great customer experience, reliability, consistently great work, lovely to work with. Highly recommend."
Karen Adams
The Prosperous Shop
"Alex and his team built an amazing brand pack for CTO Craft, after an in-depth investigation of the values, mission, audience and offering; highly recommended, look forward to working with him again in the future"
Andy Skipper
CTO Craft
We need to lead and reshape what, how, where and why we work.

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